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Careers at Luxe

Our goal is to help everyone become the best version of themselves through a sense of happiness, purpose, and meaning.

Join the LUXE Family!

At Luxe Sales & Management our mission is to provide excellent service & peace of mind to our Property Owners, Vendors and residents. We aim to exceed expectations in everything that we do while creating a positive, lasting impact.

Our Values

Perks of working at LUXE include:

Open Positions

The Property Manager handles the day-to-day operations of their portfolio group. They will interact with the CEO, Senior PM, Assistant Manager, Maintenance Vendors, Property Owners, Tenants, Applicants & all public interest.

  • Oversight of daily operations relating to all aspects of property management of the assigned portfolio group
  • Owner & Tenant relations
  • Property Inspections: Move Outs
  • Property Inspection: Post Make Ready
  • Property Inspections: As needed to maintain upkeep of the properties in assigned group
  • Sending tenants 10/15 or violations when needed & verifying they are resolved
  • Scheduling third party vendors with tenants when needed (Inspections, appraisals At additional cost to owner)
  • Collecting and Processing Notice to Vacates from tenants and notifying owners. Making sure keys are turned in at move out. Start marketing plan with assistant manager (marketing plan defined by establishing leasing rates & getting approval or on same page with owner)
  • Section 8 paperwork and keeping updated on all section 8 tenants (yearly inspections, new housing paperwork & yearly increases )
  • Processing All Move Outs
  • Onboarding occupied properties with Sr. Property Manager: Working with owner to let them know all is okay. File Contacting tenants and making sure they have what they need (phone numbers, online portals etc.). This will be completed by Sr PM. Sr PM will introduce you to the owner since onboarding is complete.
  • Attending mandatory weekly meetings (Tuesday 9 am)
  • Insurance Audits Monthly Renewals
  • PM will complete all aspects of the renewal process
  • Team roles in renewal process is positive interactions with tenants throughout their occupancy to help better retain existing tenants
  • Keep PM included on any notices received and making sure they are marked in the system within 2 hours of receipt
  • Directing all tenants to Sr PM when countering renewal offers as needed
  • Updating Sr PM with any newly onboarded units that may be up for renewal and not on a current report

Leasing Responsibilities

  • Receive notice to vacates. Once a property is on notice, making sure your Vacancy Report is kept updated. Mark as a non-ready unit and start MO process in system. Add description & advise owner/Sr PM (email)…Will work to pre- leasing units before move out. * Future – Listing & Showing units while on notice. Listing on MLS as Occupied *
  • Monitoring all move-outs to make sure tenants vacate as Watching MO Dashboard daily.
  • Scheduling all utilities for upcoming properties on notice once confirmation that tenant is moving out on Verifying tags and system information – See future process (Going to correct city to place deposit to connect utilities if needed (If deposit is due or cannot be done by phone/email)
  • Complete move out walkthroughs once all move-out keys are Move out Inspections in AppFolio
  • Starting make-ready process for move (If MR is bad send to multiple vendors at the same time)
  • Seeing property through the turn process.(Vendor needs est completed 24-72 hours… MR Sent to owner within 72-96 of move out – Vendors can walk properties before PM if needed) Once MO Inspection is completed & unit is posted for lease the assistant manager will take over at this
  • Keeping owners updated on vacant (traffic, showings, marketing plan etc). Weekly update needs to be sent to owners through the system every week by Tuesday at 5 pm. This will be completed with Assistant after weekly meeting. Assistant Mgt will have leasing report ready, and all audits completed before meeting with PM.
  • Notifying owners once property is leased and verifying assist PM completed MI process completely (sharing leases, folders, tenant tags, utilities, insurance, bond/pet screening etc – Check billing GL codes etc)

    Account Responsibilities

    • Sending small balance letters and charging late fees where needed
    • Daily calling on delinquent rents and updating delinquent notes in AppFolio. Update completed by 10thof every month for owner repots during
    • Processing NSF payments and sending notices, turning off portals
    • Monthly eviction process (5 days, small balances, eviction filing )
    • Approving billing & submitting for payment
    • Turning past tenants over to collections in a timely manner after we have collected what we can in-house. Keeping owners updated on past tenant collection status
    • Processing move out dispositions
    • Final approve utility billing and submit to accounting department

    Maintenance Responsibilities

    • Approve final maintenance invoice and submit for payables
    • Review open work order reports with Assistant PM weekly
    • Get with owner on all approvals over $250 on any work orders needed complete. If multiple bids are needed discuses with Sr PM on direction and communication direction when reaching out to On all large maintenance approvals include in SR PM.

    Shared Responsibilities by all LUXE Property Management team

    • Networking
    • Company Growth
    • High customer service (6 hours response time – during business hours)
    • Always looking for ways to improve daily operations
    • Attends weekly meetings
    • Asking for positive reviews on ALL platforms
    • Following Mission, Vision & Core Values of Luxe Sales & Management

Job descriptions can be updated & adjusted at any time without notice

Interested in applying for an open position?
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